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Note from Candy:
Hi! Thanks for checking out my website. I've had this site for just over 15 years and it has
changed and evolved a lot since I started it as a modeling portfolio in 2001. I now use it to
showcase my cosplay and costume work. I have not added much to it in the past years so
a lot of my latest stuff is on Facebook:

started Three Muses Inspired Clothing, LLC in 2005 as a way of turning my passion for
costuming into a career. Since then
my costumes and cosplay photos have been featured
in movies, TV, magazines, books and online.
I recently decided to close my boutique and
will be closing the ThreeMusesClothing.com website at the end of the year. I will be
concentrating on my handmade costume and props. I will probably build a new website for
that, but for now they can be found in my Etsy shop: