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Aeon Flux
Based on: Aeon Flux animated TV series on MTV’s Liquid Television
Date made: 1995
Worn at: Halloween around town

About this costume:
This was the first really challenging costume I ever made, and it took me half the
year to complete it before Halloween. I made this way before the movie ever came
out, so my design is based on the animated Aeon Flux series that used to be on an
MTV show called
Liquid Television.
I chose this costume because I had a very similar body to Aeon at the time. I was
using the
Herodotus File as a guide and we had the same height, weight and eye
color. All I was missing was the black hair, so instead of wearing a wig I died my
blond hair black. It took forever to get it back to blond, so now I always wear a wig!
I entered and won several Halloween contests, and even ended up doing an interview on the radio the
next year after someone heard the DJ’s talking about my costume from the year before.
This is pretty much the outfit that started me in costuming because after this, I felt like I needed to
challenge myself each year to top the year before.

How I made the costume:

I needed a leather bra and underwear to use as a base, and the only places in town that had that sort
of thing were the “adult” stores, so I got to visit every sex shop in town trying to find leather underwear!
After I got my base pieces, I added upholstery vinyl to make the rest of the top. The black straps are all
black ribbons, and the silver hooks holding them in place are silver hoop earrings. I made the pouches
on the sides from the vinyl and attached those with the same ribbon and earring combo to a regular
black belt.
The entire outfit was hot glued together, not one stitch sewn. I even hot glued it to myself at one point
because I tend to make my costumes using myself as the mannequin.

I bought the thigh high leather boots at a local store. I got skateboarding knee pads at Wal-Mart and
spray painted them metallic silver.

The gun was a bright yellow water pistol that I spray painted silver, and I bought the elbow length black

Hair & Make-up:
The make-up was pretty simple for Aeon, though I did make sure I had extra long eyelashes. The hair
was the killer. I had an arsenal of super stiff hair products to sculpt the gravity-defying do. My mom
helped wrapped the ends of my hair around a thin wire and then bend it into place. We used about a
can of hair spray and a blow dryer to make sure it didn’t budge.
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