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The Fifth Element
Date made: 1998
Worn at: Halloween around town

About this costume:
The Fifth Element came out after I did my Aeon Flux costume and
everyone had been telling me I needed to do this costume.
However, they expected me to do the white bandage outfit.
I wanted something a little more interesting, so I went with Leeloo’s
orange suspender outfit, which was originally designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. I won 1st place in the
costume contests that Halloween and was amazed at how many people actually knew the character.
Leeloo has continued to stay popular over the years and is one of my most popular commission
requests. The info included here is about how I made my very first LeeLoo. My skills and materials have
improved a lot since then!

How I made the costume:

I made the entire original outfit for about $10! I already had a white ribbed sweater top that looked
similar to Leeloo’s top. I found tan stretch pants at Goodwill and used black fabric paint to paint pin-
stripes on the front and back. I used a regular black belt I already had. The suspenders were the most
challenging part. I used wide orange ribbon that I stapled and glued together. I layed the ribbon out in a
pattern of the suspenders front and back and glue it all into place. Then I used scissors to cut the holes
in it, stapled the sides and top together and put Velcro in the crotch so I could slip it on and off over my

I borrowed my boyfriend’s hiking boots for Leeloo’s slightly clunky black boots.

Hair & Make-up:
I studied photos of Leeloo’s make-up and used black eyeliner and an orange eye shadow. My hair was
already the right length and shape, but I added a pair of clip-on bangs. I then used color spray to turn
my hair and the bangs extension bright orange.
Reference Photos:
Costume Photos:
Original Costume
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4
Costume on display at a movie theater in Brazil