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Wonder Woman
Based on: Wonder Woman TV show starring Lynda Carter
Costume made: 2007 (first version)
Worn at: DragonCon 2007, 2009, ComicCon 2007, MegaCon 2008,
and many more conventions and events since!

About this costume:
I loved Wonder Woman growing up. I even had Wonder Woman Underoos that
I thought were everyday clothes. So this costume is based off one of my favorite
TV shows. I’ve made a few different versions of it, but they all have the same
elements. I’m including pics of the original outfit and later versions as well.
This is my favorite costume to wear to conventions because it seems everyone
else loves Wonder Woman as much as I do.  I also make a custom version for
other’s to wear called
Wonderous Woman.
I did a special glitter version for a MAC promo when they launched the WW make-up line.
Pics are posted on Flickr:

How I made the costume:

For my original outfit, I started with blue spandex and made a pair of booty shorts. I used white fabric
paint to paint stars on the front and back. Later versions of the shorts are made from star print fabric.
The red bustier is the only part of the costume that starts pre-made.  I use gold fabric and cut it into the
right design, then glue it to the bustier with fabric glue. Other versions also feature cut vinyl or a hand-
painted design. The gold belt that connects the top and bottom is made from metallic gold lycra.

The boots are by Pleaser, style GoGo-305. They are the most comfortable boots I have found!

The accessories with the vinyl design outfit are made from the same vinyl material, but the accessories
for the other one are made from a thin flexible plastic. The tiara is made onto a headband, so it slips
onto the front of your head, not on the top.  The stars started out as hand-painted, then I tried cutting
them from red vinyl, but lately I prefer to use embroidered star patches so they all look the same. The
gold rope is upholstery cord.
The cape is the finishing touch, and quite a project to do. Each panel is measured and cut, then sewn
and serged together to form the cape. Each star is hand-painted. Only half the cape can be painted at
one time because of the size. Once the first round of stars dry, then a second glitter layer is added so
they sparkle. The cape takes 2-3 days to do because of the drying time on the stars.

Hair & Make-up:
I wear a brunette wig and heavy make-up. I found as soon as I put on the dark wig, my features
disappear. So I have to draw my eyebrows darker, use lots of eyeliner and wear dark false lashes to
match the hair.
Reference Photos:
Costume Photos:
Photos by SolKat Photography
Original Costume at ComicCon 2007
Painted Design
Vinyl Design
Glitter Design, photos by Rick Wilson
New Corset Design, debuted at DragonCon 2011
Published in the book:
Comic-Con, Episode IV: A
Hope  and there's also
a brief glimpse of me in the
documentary of the same